Our Process

Everything starts with a quote. Quantity, size, style of garment, and the artwork all have bearing on the final price of the order. We do have price breaks for the following quantities: 12, 24, 48, 72, and 144. So let’s assume, for example, that we have a small baseball fan-wear order of 24 shirts. The next thing to do is decide which shirt.

We have a massive selection of apparel available. You can come in and pick up a catalog or simply relax on your sofa with a cup of hot cocoa while you peruse our website at projectte.com! Colors, measurements, size availability, and more are available through a quick search. Of course, if too many choices have you confused, just contact us. We can help narrow it down! We have swatches on hand to assist in the color-choosing process.

So, for the sake of simplicity, the 24 items will be standard, short-sleeved t-shirts. We usually suggest the Gildan Heavy Cotton 5000. Of course, there is always the heavier Ultra Cotton 2000, or the delightful and shrink-resistant Dry Blend 8000. (Please note we can also get Fruit of the Loom, Champion, Badger, Bayside, Hanes, Jerzees, and much more!) Now we have to decide on a picture!

Pictures are the best part of this whole order. There is nothing quite like coming up with an idea and seeing it professionally applied to a real article of clothing! Price at this point is based upon the number of colors and locations printed. Options include full front, left crest, right crest, full back, tag, sleeve, and hood where applicable.

Another aspect to consider is the number of colors in your image. The more colors, the higher the price because of the extra screens that must be created. Allow us to give you an example. An American flag printed on a shirt takes three screens. Red, white, and blue are all burned onto different screens, and the three colors of ink are applied separately, one after the other. The result is a multi-colored image. Of course, this does increase the price, but you would be surprised at how affordable this can be, especially with larger orders.

The nature of the art is also important. To be able to print effectively, we must first vectorize the images with a computer. This allows us to manipulate the images and clean them up, making the final product crisp, clean, and professional. If you’ve ever tried to blow up a small picture on your phone, you’ve noticed how grainy it becomes. When we vectorize, we can resize the image without this problem. Our design team can generate art for your project, or you can save a bit of time and money by submitting your own. We also keep this artwork on file, so if you need to reuse the design in the future, we’ll be ready.

If you happen to already have a vectorized image, great! If you do not, all is not lost. We do have certain guidelines for art submissions to make things easier. Hand-drawn artwork must be submitted on plain paper, not lined. Please bring it in for us to scan. Digital images are also fine, but please make sure they are of a high resolution, else we will come across the issue of graininess as was touched on before.

So, we have the garments, the totals, the color, the artwork. Now we need the sizes. Sizes from adult small to adult extra-large will be priced together. An over-size charge applies to everything 2XL or above, at $1.50 for every X over XL. Youth shirts come in extra-small to extra large. We can get toddler and infant sizes, as well. The same screen is used for those items sized youth medium and up. Youth small and under will require a separate screen and may cost more money, depending on the amount ordered.

Even if you do not know the exact sizes, don’t worry. We can still issue a general quote, spanning multiple quantities if you aren’t sure exactly how the final order will take shape. Once we have a general idea of what the art will be, in addition to the quantity and style of the shirts, we can issue a quote. If you like it, great! If not, then let us know so we may adjust it for you.

Once the quote has been approved, we move onto the next stage, which deals with the creation of the artwork. Our in-house design department will work with you to finalize your design, after which we will send you a proof. This proof must be approved before we begin printing. We will NEVER print something without your express approval of the image. This is how we maintain quality!

Of course, once the art is approved, the printing may begin. We have two professional screen printers ready and waiting to print your order.

All that is left is the call when the shirts are printed, checked for quality, folded, boxed, tagged, and ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your typical turnaround time for orders?

Our turnaround time varies depending on the the time of year. We like to have two weeks to work on any given order, but that is not set in stone. Let us know when you need your items, and we’ll get them to you.

Do you have a rush fee?

No, we do not have rush fee.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, debit, and credit. The use of a credit card incurs a 2% fee for the order. Credit card is the only available method of payment over the phone.

What format should I submit files in?

We prefer vector files in Adobe Illustrator (.ai). We take other submissions, such as hand-drawn line art and photos. If you image is in another digital format, please make sure it is of a high resolution. Our design department is always ready to help you generate your own unique image, as well!

How do you color match images?

We match colors to the images provided by the client. To ensure exact matching, please provide number codes from the Pantone color guides. You may find these online. This is not required. We also match from the monitor, as well as any swatches brought to us by the customer.